Antony Giorgione is a creative with qualifications in psychology. He specialises in concept development for behaviourally-informed programs and communications, as well as the provision of written and/or visual components. Experience primarily in private sector finservices, retail and health, and more recently in infrastructure and environment. Prior experience in brand, corporate and HR comms allows for an informed perspective across external and internal disciplines.



CHCCCS019 Recognise & Respond to Crisis Situations Certificate attained November 2021. The trainer with lived-experience was deeply insightful and the response sets across anxiety, mood and psychotic disorders were well-codified. From a comms perspective; this course provides clarity on first principles as well as spelling out the content to avoid.


About 300 incidents a month occur at tram stops with cars attempting to overtake on the inside lane as passengers are getting on and off. Equip a small number with purpose-fitted cameras and a broader campaign implying these cameras could be on any tram.


An app aligned with football and designed to operate on two levels; reducing incidences of speeding when children are in the car and seeding a desired behaviour within the future generation of drivers.
Penalty Card Speeding App (PDF: 217 KB)


A presentation made at the 2020 MSIX. Over 18 months I helped supervise a successful pilot program for people on community corrections orders. Titled Cultivating People, Cultivating Place, it was a joint venture between the Victorian Department of Justice, Fareshare and Jesuit Social Services. A portion of this experience is written here.


A goal-oriented nudge suite informed by a number of psychological models including the cognitive behavioural approach and behavioural economics.
Savings Nudge Suite (PDF: 393 KB)